About Biking Community of India (BCI)

Aiming to create strongest network of motorcycle riders, BCI brings all biking clubs and individual riders together for the advancement of riding community. It’s an offshoot for all Motorcycling Clubs in India, recognizing clubs / individuals who have contributed to motorcycle sports, motorcycle construction, or motorcycling in general. It’s all about our love of biking whether it’s vintage, classic, modern or super motorcycles. We are a Launchpad and Platform to many Motorcycle Clubs in India, to associate themselves with us, ride with us, campaign with us, and help spread humanitarianism with us.

This is incorporated as a non-profit organization dedicated not only to promote riding, travel, integrity, responsible riding, but also inject humanitarianism among all Indians. BCI’s sole purpose is to contribute to the society, enlighten and encourage civic sense, bring about a Meaningful Difference by conducting and participating events & campaigns to demonstrate our discouragement of drugs amongst all citizens, supporting women riders, supporting the Indian Defence forces etc.

BCI conforms to the norms laid out by the Indian Constitution and has never and will never go against the protocols of the Law. We ensure Law and Order is maintained at all times, although our aim is to give the best of time for all that are associated. You don’t have to have a bike, but only a passion to support the cause that BCI was built upon – and you’d be called a BCI’zen. With over 300 Motorcycle Clubs (and growing) associated from all over India, we are a proud community who stands by each other’s happiness and sadness, we support each other although we are brothers/sisters of different shoulders. There is no discrimination irrespective of your caste, creed, ethnicity, background or geography. All are treated as “BCI’zens”. BCI takes pride in thanking all its existing members, and wholeheartedly welcome new clubs who wish to associate with such a large community.







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Rides which brought us together to make us a Bigger and Stronger family.

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